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Alize Bella Batik

2905 shades of grey
3675 turquoise light brown
3677 purple blue
4150 green blu
4538 rainbow
5512 strawberry and raspberry
6879 pink yellow cream

Soft poor cotton yarn, not mercerized, opaque, with warm summer colors. Perfect for summer items even for babies and for blankets too. It does not weigh down the item, on the contrary it gives softness and lightness to it.

angora luks color

81905 turquoise light brown
81909 cherry black cherry green
81910 rainbow
81912 teal copper
81915 pink violet grey
81916 grey antique rose
81917 fuchsia violet cream
81921 violet brown

A delicate cake yarn with marvelous colors and a lovely silk effect for crocheted or knitted shawls, wraps, ecc.

Bairro Alto

01 grey light brown
03 jeans
05 light grey
11 dark brown
13 khaki
15 pale turquoise
17 peach

A 100% twisted poor cotton, dyed with natural colors, perfect even for babies projects, very soft and with a light melange efect.


03 cream
05 light brown
07 light pink
09 pistachio green
11 skyblue
13 light grey
15 ultramarine

A ecofriendly yarn, which means in totale respect of the nature, a viscose fiber created from the sugar cane, a delciate and fresh silk like effect, will give to your items crocheted ot kintted a fancy and refined look.

Bio Bamboo

02 powder blue
03 peach
04 light green
06 smoky grey

A very fresh yarn for summer, shinny , the bamboo fiber si so silky and soft, in 10 beautiful colors perfect to crochet or knit


01 olive green coffeandmilk orange
04 sea sky sun moon
07 mustard olive chestnut
10 green wood brown pistachio
13 brown raspberry salmon
16 salmon green cherry apple
19 grey purple mustard green

A soft and silky, wool blend yarn, with a succession of shades and thiknesses, to create unique, surprising textures even with a simple stitch


03 light brown
05 camel
13 black
15 indigo
23 green lawn
27 orange
29 light blue sea
31 kaki
45 orchid

4 seasons yarn, eco friendly, only natural fibers and colors with natural pigment, casual and light, for a natural and romantic effect apparel, perfect for items /blankets for kids.

Nako calico

4,60 3,68
caffee colored

A veri soft, 4 seasons yarn, perfect for knit and crochet, all that you want, very versatile, it can be used for garments, blankets, cuscions, ecc It comes in many beautiful colors so easy to mix and match

Nako calico jakar

4,60 3,68
31536 jeans
31537 primavera
antique pink copper mustard
brown purple
green light brown
green turquoise
grey light brown
orange blue
orange green blue mustard
shades of blue
shades of pink

A very soft 4 seasons yarn, perfect for both  crochet and knitting, in lots of surprising color combination or shades of the same color to create blankets, cushions, bags, cardigans, blouses, ecc

Nako Venus Heaven

80963 salmon
80965 orchid
80966 shades of blue
80967 yellow brown

Spring/summer yarn with a original texture with a light wavy effect and with different thicknesses, chameleon color changing, a yarn that worked with a basic stitch crochet or knitting turn your projects in spectacular, very fancy items. For light items.

Scheepjes Stone Washed


A very soft yarn with beautiful delicate colors , the stone washed efect gives to the yarn beyond the “worn-out” efect , a marvelous softness, that makes of this yarn a perfect choice for baby blankets and apparels too