This shop it’s a dream that I had have for a long time and know it came true.

My name is Oana Oros Bonacorsi and I’m a crochet, tunisian crochet and knitting appasionate, I create designs, do video tutorials on my youtube channels and organize workshops in small groups, on facebook

I adore yarns and crochet, knitting accesories, finding new yarns and fibers, combining colors it’s a passion for me.

I always say that choosing the right yarn for a project is a important step if not the most important

For more then seven years, since I opened my youtube channels, most of my followers have asked me advices about the yarn to use for one or another project, so I thought to put together all my experience and to gatter the under teh same virtual roof of my shop, yarns and accessories that I found and tried and that I am so happy to recommand to you

On our boutique we help you choosing teh pattern, the yarn, or if you need on line lessons or workshops, easy to follow from all around the world, on your own schedule and with your rythm.

You can work together with me and other handmade apapssionate, patterns or methods that maybe you find so difficult .

My biggest desire is to offer the possibility to everybody who wants to learn these marvelouse arts, to find in one place all the required tools and notions

How many times happend to you to buy yarn that you never used from several reason, maybe you didn’t find the right pattern, or maybe you didn’t find a lesson to follow along , or on the contrary , you found a pattern and you didn’t find the yarn to perfectly match with it.

Here you have all: if you want to by only the yarn and you ask for a opinion you have it, you can email usa t [email protected] whatsapp us at 3488300673 you can also use the same number to call us ( only on the opening time of the shop (from Mo to Fri, from 15-18 italian hour, except the hollidays) or you can live us a message on our facebok page

Let yourself be conquered by the pleasure of the creativity, I am ready to help you find it , it’s magical and the benefits are many

Lots of love and craetivity

Oana& Gian